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EMT Continuing Education Credits Search

This online resource is intended to allow EMTs currently certified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to lookup courses for which you have received continuing education credit (and refresher courses passed which accrue zero credits) from January 2000 to present.

Please take important note: This listing does not reflect your current recertification status. Other categories may have maximum caps or other restrictions on them. OEMS also makes daily additions, corrections and deletions to the Master Registry, which may not be reflected on this "snapshot" of the Registry. Some courses may be above your level of certification and will not count toward your recertification. To request a current Recertification Status Report, please fill out a Continuing Education Summary Report (see Forms section) for a current listing of the actual number of credit hours actually awarded that are on file for you and email form to:

Please enter a Massachusetts EMT Certification Number:
There are a number of reasons why a course you attended may not be listed on your printout:
  1. Course roster arrived at the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services after printouts were produced and mailed;
  2. Course roster has not been submitted to the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services by the instructor;
  3. You failed to sign a roster, therefore no credit can be given;
  4. Your EMT number and name are unreadable on the roster;
  5. You have listed the incorrect EMT number on the roster;
  6. The course was not approved for credit by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services.
  7. If course did not have an OEMS number, please send us a course completion certificate, grade report or other proof of completion not received by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services.
  8. The website has not been updated to reflect all data received by OEMS

Differences between this listing and your Recertification Status:
  1. This historical list (updated monthly) reflects all of the courses you have taken since January 2000, or your date of initial certification. Only those courses taken during the two years prior to your expiration date count towards your recertification.
  2. The listing does NOT reflect maximum caps on certain categories such as Teaching Credit and/or Morbidity & Mortality (M&M) rounds. The historical listing does NOT reflect programs approved for only EMT-Intermediate or EMT-Paramedic personnel.
  3. Teaching credit is capped at a maximum of ten (10) hours per recertification period for EMT-Basics. (Teach 20 or more hours unassisted for 10 credit hours)
  4. Teaching credit is capped at a maximum of ten (10) credit hours per recertification period for EMT-Intermediates and EMT-Paramedics. (Teach 20 or more hours unassisted for 10 credit hours)
  5. Morbidity & Mortality (M&M) rounds are capped at a maximum of eighteen (18) hours for EMT-Intermediates and twenty-four (24) hours for EMT-Paramedics.
  6. OEMS approved courses listed online that are approved at Level 2000 or 2010 are approved for EMT-Intermediates and EMT-Paramedics only. OEMS approved courses listed online that are approved at Level 4000 are approved for EMT-Paramedics only.
  7. EMT-Basics who attend courses approved at levels 2000, 2010 and/or 4000 will NOT receive EMT credit hours for such courses. Such courses include, but are not limited to ACLS, ATLS, Capnography, 12 Lead ECG’s, ETT, LMA, Combitube, EGTA, Medication administration, IV’s, etc. EMT-Basic continuing education must reflect the level of training and certification, roles and responsibilities of the basic level EMT.
  8. Please note that all EMT refresher courses are listed with "0" hours. This is because refresher courses are a mandatory (Yes or NO) requirement and refresher course hours are not applicable toward the hours need for continuing education credit. Also note that many courses are listed with a date of January 1. These courses are so called "blanket" approval courses that are held multiple times and at multiple locations throughout the year. This is why it is vital for each EMT to keep an accurate record of the dates, OEMS approval numbers and titles of every course they attend. It is your responsibility to maintain a record of your continuing education.

Please note: PDF files can be viewed with Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. For assistance viewing PDF files, please go to Massachusetts' PDF page. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be viewed with Microsoft’s free viewers. If you need DPH files in an alternate format, please contact us.

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